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8tote is a bag company that got started in Tokyo in 2001.
Before 8tote, I was just an ordinary web-music-and manga-loving girl, working for an internet provider.That all changed the day I decided to walk to work. I left home a little earlier than usual and took a different route.Somewhere along the way, I heard the sound of a sewing machine coming from an old workshop that looked trapped in time.Inside, there were two silver-haired men making canvas bags.
I called up some friends and asked them if they wanted to order some totes and took my order to the workshop.Everyone loved the bags!
I gave one of them to a friend of mine who happened to be a culinary expert and she loved the bag so much, she decided to feature it in a magazine.

At this point, I began to study bag design on my own.I quit my job at the internet provider and…here I am!

My husband joined me, along with more staff–including a dandy advisor and patterner named Mr. T.Our company started growing bit by bit.We mainly sell our products online, but we’ve also gotten exciting work–including a lot of magazine coverage, creating promotional totes for the Japan debut of The Secret Life of Bees starring Dakota Fanning, and a collaboration with PSP (PlayStation Portable).
In 2006, we opened a store in the Harajuku/Omotesando area (but closed it so that we could focus on all areas of Japan, and other countries as well!).We also kicked off 8tokyo.com in 2007. It’s a blog that introduces “kawaii” things from Tokyo, including clothes, sweets and favorite shops.

Our dream is to connect with our sisters all around the world.Don’t you think it would be great to flit around the globe–talk directly with people, share each other’s dreams, make things together–and on top of that, have that be your job?
I personally think that the presences that sparkle all over the world are our customers, and at the same time, our best friends.
The totes and 8tokyo.com are our tools to communicate fun,as well as being a medium to connect with all of you.I hope we can bring little surprises and bits of happiness into your life.And I really look forward to the day I can personally connect with you!