How to Made to Order Your Own Bags!

You’re in luck – you’ve found the best online service to order high-quality made-to-order bags, for all your brand’s needs! There are five excellent different bag options to choose from every month. The bags come in two or Four randomly selected colors each month – these random colors can change from month to month. 


For this random-color category, there is a due date each month by which time you should place and submit the order to us. At that point, instructions are sent to our manufacturers, who produce the bags required for that month. Each manufacturing cycle takes about one month to complete. We promise it will be worth it, so place your order soon to get in on this month’s cycle!


We use the highest quality materials and custom-make every single bag just for your needs. Our bags are sewn by specialists, so we ensure that your product will be durable, dependable, and made with care.


After you purchase an order, please expect to hear back from us within 1 or 2 months about your delivery.